Hitec engineering Company is a Leading company in shipping sector specialized in quality, efficiency and cost-effective work to wide range of services such as Ship Building, Ship repairing, Marine Flotilla and Ship related procurement services.

​The company holds and maintain a DRYDOCKING premises for Ship repairing & Ship building purpose in the heart of Mumbai at MBPT Bunders.

The Company basically deals with routine repairing and maintenance of ships, ship’s drydock works, surveys, ultra-sonic thickness testing and other field pertaining to structural, mechanical, Electrical and other allied activities having a team of expert technicians, engineers and skilled workers.

Our Services Include

  • Dry-docking, Shipbuilding & repairing 
  • Marine Flotilla & Hiring Services 
  • Procurement of all marine ship spares and stores
  • All kind of ship’s Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics and Fabrication work