A leading manufacturer of cutting machine and welding equipments from India.
A leading manufacturer of cutting machine and welding equipments from India.
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 Cutting Machine - High Speed Motorized Pipe Cutting for Plasma
  • Lightweight, Portable chain driven pipe cutting.
  • Faster traveling speed, consistent, yet accurate.
  • Can cut any pipe diameter from 150mm and upwards.
  • Specially designed to cut non-ferrous pipes.
  • Can travel in both the directions.
  • Cuts up to any pipe thickness, as per the power source.
  • Cuts bevels up to 45 degrees on both the sides.
  • Shock proof, operates on 48Volts DC.
  • Electrically remote control operated.
  • Quick chain interlocking system.
  • All aluminum, non-corrosive body construction.
  • Fast and easy to set up.
  • Almost no maintenance required.
  • Easy to operate with proven performance.


High speed motorized pipe cutting machine is specially deigned to cut stainless steel and other non ferrous pipes, portable and light in weight, yet accurate and robust chain driven pipe cutting machine. It can be used on large fields, at off shores, for Cross country pipe lines, as well as in small workshops. The machine is specially designed and made with special aluminum alloy, making it light in weight, yet robust. Other related parts of the machine are made of non magnetic stainless steel, brass alloys, etc. Making it rust free, for trouble free service, and longer life.

The machine is simple and easy to operate. It can cut pipes from 150mm diameter onwards to the maximum diameter of pipes by simply extending the length of the chain. It can be used in clockwise as well as in anti clock wise direction. It is shock proof yet electrically operated, by a hand held wired remote pendant.

This machine can cut stainless steel, and other non ferrous pipes by choosing the correct power source and required cutting torch. The machine can cut bevels up to 45 degrees on both the sides with the help of degree scale provided on the torch bracket. The machine torch can be adjusted 180mm horizontally along the pipe surface by rack and pinion attachment. All operating handles are conveniently located for quick and easy operation.

The torch holder to suit your plasma cutting torch can be supplied as an optional attachment.


Effective pipe dia 150mm onwards
Cutting Shapes Squares and bevels
Drive PMDC Geared motor
Input Voltage 220V AC- 50Hz
Operating Voltage 48V DC / 200 watts
Max. Current 3 Amps.
Max torch movement 180mm Horizontal
Traveling speed 1.3mts -100mm min
Dimensions L250xB380xH380mm
Weight (without chain) Weight 12kgs

Standard Accessories

Torch Holder (optional) 1 No
Torch Holder bracket 1.no.
Link Chain 3mtrs
Set of Spanners 2 Nos
Set of Fuses 2 Nos
Instruction Manual 1 No

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