A leading manufacturer of cutting machine and welding equipments from India.
A leading manufacturer of cutting machine and welding equipments from India.
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 Welding Equipments - Fume Extraction - Heavy Duty
  • Very easy to operate, continuous rating.
  • Eliminates hazards of welding fumes.
  • Transforms fumes into clean healthy air.
  • Easy to clean filter assembly, reusable.
  • Portable yet, heavy duty and welder friendly.
  • A must for continuous welding atmosphere.
  • Heavy duty with proven performance.


Heavy duty, yet portable, all in one welding fumes extraction unit, designed to eliminate hazardous, toxic fumes from the work area, with built in armored filter assembly, very easy to clean and also reusable. Welding fumes once trapped in the machine are transformed in to clean air instantly.

The machine is equipped with three phase-1HP- 415Volts, thermally protected motor to work continuously with very little maintenance, also supplied with coil type, instant start/stop starter for overload protection. With excellent air displacement capacity this machine is a must for all continuous welding applications.

Filter Assembly

Heavy duty filter assembly fitted, armored with steel mesh, for longer life, and trouble free service, with a total area of 8sq.ft, its efficiency rate is 99.9%, also very easy to clean, and reusable.


Machine construction 18ga.
Weight without hose 75kgs-approx
Dimensions L950 x B800 x H840mm
Wheel base 130mm
Air displacement 1000 CFM.
DBA 90
Filter assembly 300 x 125mm. = 99.9% efficient
Suction cup 18ga
Hose pipe PVC - Armoured, 5mtrs long
Inlet diameter 100mm ID.

Technical Data

Motor Three phase 1HP - 440Volts. .75KW
Starter Direct online 1PH - Coil type-Push button
Electrical values 440Volts AC - 50Hzs - 2.5amps
Power cord 1.5sq.mm x 5mtrs- Flexible.
Rating Continuous operation


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